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Art and Cultural Criticism – Final Results

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


We bring final results of Art and Cultural Critism open call. The Program will support 10 excellent projects.

13 applications were received in the open call lasting from the end of November 2019 to mid-April 2020. More than a half of them were prepared in cooperation with partners from Norway and Iceland. All applications were evaluated by independent experts and based on their evaluation the Selection Committee recommended 10 projects for support.

Subsequent verification of the evaluation process confirmed that the evaluation provided by the Arts and Theatre Institute (Programme partner) was held in a transparent manner in line with the rules of the EEA Grants 2014-2020, the Culture Programme and the open call. Also, the recommended applications meet all conditions for approval. Therefore, we can now publish the final results. The list of supported projects can be downloaded below.

Out of the 10 approved projects, 4 are prepared in cooperation with partners from donor countries, namely Norway (3) and Iceland (1). The focus of the projects is very broad, even though more attention is paid to artistic and cultural criticism in the field of literature, contemporary music and film. We can also look forward to projects focused on architecture, theater, dance and visual arts.

Supported projects will be gradually introduced on our website and social media. We believe that they will increase awareness about the importance of art and cultural criticism in the Czech Republic and help critics and cultural managers in their professional growth.